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This is a managed farmland project of sandalwood and agar wood trees cultivation, with the aim of generating returns through their eventual harvesting and sale while the land value also appreciates overtime. We also provide an option to includes a cottage/ farm house that can be built and rented for additional income. It has a triple income model of revenue.

Sandalwood and agarwood are high-value aromatic trees used in various industries such as perfumery, cosmetics, and traditional medicine. Their demand and scarcity can lead to substantial profits.

The value of sandalwood and agarwood primarily comes from their heartwood, which develops after a certain age. Once mature, these trees can be harvested and processed for their aromatic resins and oils, which fetch high prices in the market.

Sandalwood and agarwood trees have varying growth rates. Sandalwood typically matures in 10-12years, while agarwood can take 12-14years. The project's success depends on effectively managing growth and harvesting within timelines.

The project will require skilled horticulturists and experts to manage cultivation, pest control, irrigation, and harvesting. Regular maintenance, disease prevention, and proper care are crucial for healthy tree growth managed by BRC.

Depending on the region and local regulations, there might be tax incentives or government support for sustainable agriculture and agroforestry projects.

It is mandatory that for sandalwood to be sold only to the government under the current law. The harvested agar wood can be sold to various industries, including perfumery, aromatherapy, and traditional medicine. Developing relationships with buyers and understanding market dynamics will be crucial.

Regular updates, reports, and site visits can be arranged to keep investors informed about the project's development, tree growth, and any relevant challenges.

North Bangalore has been experiencing significant infrastructure development, including the establishment of IT parks, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and improved connectivity. These factors contribute to the area's potential for increased property values over time.

Yes, all plots in the project have undergone legal verification and have obtained the necessary approvals from relevant authorities, ensuring a safe and secure investment.

Absolutely, the project is strategically located with excellent connectivity to major roads, highways, public transportation, and nearby commercial and social hubs.

Yes, we offer flexible payment plans to accommodate different financial preferences. Our sales team can provide you with information on the available payment options.

The project is located close to Isha Foundation & Nandi hill among the many social infra north Bangalore has to offer, enhancing its appeal for both investors and potential residents.

The project is suitable for both investment purposes and immediate construction. Our team can provide you with guidance based on your investment goals.

Yes, you can resell the plot in the future. The potential for capital appreciation in North Bangalore increases the likelihood of obtaining a good return on your investment.